Bömers Spitze Bremen, Germany

Justus Grosse, a Bremen-based company with a long tradition, has created high-quality and stylish office space in the 13-storey building "Bömers Spitze" in Bremen's Überseestadt, which has been offering an incomparable working atmosphere since its opening in September 2019. Designed by architect Hans-Jürgen Hilmes, the building with green roofs and photovoltaic systems impresses with its timeless architecture and highest energy standards on a total of over 11.500 square metres of rental space. From floor-to-ceiling window fronts, cavity floors, wind-protected external blinds to a high-speed Internet connection, "Bömers Spitze" offers an excellent basis for successful and future-oriented work.
In the reception hall, the Liquid Line LED system pendant luminaire from Lightnet with its flowing structures blends perfectly into the architecture, providing pleasant light and an aesthetic ambience.

Project partner

Lighting concept: Forum Licht, Bremen

Products used

Components of this lighting design.