Beam Me Up The archetype

At the centre of the design of Beam Me Up is the conical luminaire body, a historically anchored archetype of a luminaire. The archetypal design creates a homely atmosphere and at the same time provides professional light - this is the original idea behind Beam me up - the archetype of a luminaire combined with highly professional lighting technology, as required in modern architecture.

This aspect is becoming increasingly important in today's society, where the boundaries between office and living space are dissolving - on the one hand, people want to feel more comfortable in the office, modern co-working spaces are designed to be more homely, on the other hand, the home is becoming the workplace, where professional lighting is also needed, but no technical foreign body is desired.

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The boundaries between home and office are becoming increasingly blurred - Beam me up picks up on this trend and is available in many sizes in the 2022 collection - from mini for the desk to wallwasher, which is a completely unusual luminaire like a giant spotlight.

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