Agras Delic SpA Genoa, Italy

Agras Delic SpA was founded in 1986 in Genoa, Italy and is specialised in the production of pet food. Our Beam Me Up X1 ceiling luminaire gives the workplaces a homely ambience and picks up on the yellow colour of the chairs in the offices, which were redesigned from 2019 to 2020 in an area of over 800 square metres. Our Matric R3 luminaire with optimised glare limitation ensures well-illuminated workplaces and emphasises the red colour of the conference chairs.

Project partner

Architects: Matteo Lavarello, Antonio Lavarello, Marta Lavarello
Lighting design: Arch. Mirella Vivioli, Alberto Crosio
Casambi control system: Alberto Crosio
Photographs: Andrea Bosio

Products used

Components of this lighting design.

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