Chisholm Institute Melbourne, Australia

The Chisholm Institute near Melbourne aims to create the future. High-quality education and training opportunities for professional advancement are available for its more than 41,000 students. At the same time, investments are made in the community, such as in the newly opened Chisholm - Frankston Campus. New ways of learning, teaching and thinking are encouraged here, which is further reflected by the interior design.

The modular light lines of the Matric product family make ideal use of the existing spaces through a precisely fitting configuration. This design aspect is complemented by technical refinements. Optimum visual conditions for students are achieved with a colour temperature of 4000 Kelvin. Due to the convertibility of Matric and the elegant exterior of the luminaire, there are no limits to lighting design.

Project partner

Project partner: LPA Lighting Partners

Products used

Components of this lighting design.

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