Strasbourg, France Palais de Justice

The listed courthouse „Palais de Justice“ in Strasbourg, France, was built from 1894 to 1897 by the architect Skjøld Neckelmann in the immediate vicinity of the church Saint-Pierre-le-Jeune catholique. In striking contrast to the red Vosges sandstone of the church, the architect used grey Palatinate sandstone for the Palace of Justice. The exterior of the palace is in neo-Renaissance style, while the interior displays stylistic features of neo-Egyptian historicism, most strikingly in the atrium, which is decorated with sphinxes and cartouche reliefs. When installing the decorative and application-oriented lighting solution, the building fabric, the architectural conditions and the regulations for the protection of historical monuments had to be taken into account.

The aim of the lighting concept was to preserve and support the charm of the past. In the entrance hall, the round LED profiles of the Ringo Star series from Lightnet blend harmoniously into the positive overall picture and lend a modern charm. In order to meet the technical lighting requirements, the luminaires were suspended at the appropriate depth. In the corridors and courtrooms, the linear LED systems of the Matric series from Lightnet, among others, ensure clear lines and pleasant light colours.

Photography: Siméon Levaillant