Frankfurt Airport, Visitor Centre Frankfurt, Germany

There is hardly anything more majestic than a large aircraft gliding towards the ground. With a unique light installation, Frankfurt Airport is bringing this elegance to life. Over 325 metres and two storeys, the central element of the exhibition winds its way through the new visitor centre and precisely traces the flight paths and holding patterns of the large jets as they take off and land. A 14-metre-long and 8-metre-wide model of the airport incroporates the light line into the exhibitions model runway.

In the centre of Frankfurt Airport, in Hall C of Terminal 1, flying becomes a new experience. The world's only multimedia exhibition all about the fascination of aviation has opened up in August 2021 on 1200 square metres in the new visitor centre. The heart of the centre: the unique Liquid Line installation.

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Project partner

Photography: Tomas Rodriguez
Architects: Jochen Gringmuth and Andrea Dunmore, COORDINATION Berlin
Lighting design: Anne Boissel
Installation: Lide, Chemnitz
Control: Oliver Petrowitsch, Stageled, Hamburg

Products used

Components of this lighting design.