Our cornerstones for sustainability

Together, we are working on the vision of making the world more sustainable and fit for the future. Our daily work is geared towards making a positive impact on the lives of our employees, business partners and the environment. We are convinced that every company has a responsibility to play an active role in solving global challenges such as climate change and resource scarcity.

Our goal is nothing less than an emission-free circular economy. To achieve this, we want to produce in a climate-neutral way and return 100% of our products to the economic cycle. The road to achieving this goal is long and challenging. Only together with our employees and partners can we succeed in realising this vision. We invite you to join us on this journey and shape a sustainable future together.

100% in-house production

We manufacture all components - from LED boards and optics to housings - in-house at one location in order to minimise transport routes and achieve genuine, self-determined sustainability.

100% water-purified LED circuit board production 100% water-purified LED circuit board production

The entire LED board production process is carried out in-house in accordance with strict European environmental standards. With our specially developed water treatment plant, we recover the valuable resources from raw board production in a closed circulation system.


100% natural electricity

We obtain 100% of the electrical energy we need for our luminaire production from renewable sources.


"We are Lightnet" - Our cornerstones for sustainability

Discover an exclusive look behind the scenes of our production in our film "We are Lightnet" and learn more about our sustainability strategy. Immerse yourself in the world of Lightnet and find out how we are committed to a sustainable future.

100% intelligent on-demand production

Thanks to a complex, software-based system, we only ever produce as much as is actually needed. This allows us to minimise the consumption of material and warehouse resources while remaining individual, fast and highly flexible.



Low CO2 aluminium

As we cannot do without aluminium, we choose suppliers who work with a high degree of efficiency and obtain energy from hydropower. We use aluminium with an average CO2 footprint of less than 4 kg per kg of aluminium, with the aim of reducing this further. This means that we are already well below the global average of 16.7 kg.


Natural materials

For our sound absorbers, we use natural wool from sustainable sources, which, unlike plastic foam, is 100% biodegradable.

Green steel

The steel sheets used in our luminaires (up to 3 mm thick) are made exclusively from green steel, which is produced using electricity from renewable energy sources.

0% plastic in the packaging

Our packaging has been plastic-free since 2020. We produce 100% of our packaging ourselves and as required - every piece of waste is processed directly into pulp. And from this, new packaging parts are created again.

0% waste with 100% local recycling.

100% Human Centric Lighting

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is a lighting technology that aims to improve people's well-being and performance by adapting the light spectrum to the natural circadian rhythm. By taking into account light intensity, colour temperature and mood throughout the day, HCL can increase concentration, regulate the sleep-wake rhythm and promote general well-being. This innovative technology provides an optimal lighting environment in offices, educational and healthcare facilities.

Lightnet uses this pioneering technology not only to create efficient and aesthetically pleasing luminaires, but also to make a positive contribution to the daily lives of our customers. We can optionally equip our entire collection with full-spectrum LEDs, tunable white control and intelligent sensor technology. Because only the right light at the right time in the required quantity is sustainable for us.

Sustainable design

We focus on timeless shapes that outlast fashion trends and emphasise quality, durability and the highest possible energy efficiency. Our luminaires are designed so that their components can be replaced and the products can be dismantled into their individual components and recycled at the end of their service life.

Energy efficiency

We are committed to the development and production of energy-efficient products with the aim of minimising energy consumption and offering environmentally friendly solutions.

Trucircle polycarbonate

For our Opal diffusers, we use polycarbonate, 59% of which is made from pine oil, a waste product from the wood industry, and is ISCC-certified according to the mass balancing principle.

Diversity, integration and equality

Different perspectives are the basis for success. We rely on multiculturalism and a team from over 15 nations. Because we know: Creativity needs diversity. That's why we promote inclusion, respect every individual regardless of origin and gender and pay equal pay for equal performance. Our workforce is made up of around 50% men and 50% women. 

Find out more about our company and our consistent sustainability strategy in our sustainability report.