Mornington, Australia The Bays Hospital

Dreary multi-bed rooms with bare walls, unadorned bathrooms and ultra-soft mattresses: That was once upon a time. More and more clinics are focusing on privacy, comfort and cosiness - because a positive environment contributes significantly to recovery. This includes the new Intensive Care Unit at The Bays Hospital in Mornington, Australia.

In May 2019, the new Critical Care service section was completed. These include incorporates intensive care, coronary care and high dependency services. For example, the new hospital complex will enable patients who require continuous monitoring, advanced respiratory, cardiac and renal therapies to provide sophisticated care and treatment. The new premises also included six patient rooms and a nurses' station.

A particular focus of the new Intensive Care Unit is the lighting from light lines, which lends the entire department a striking and unique appearance and at the same time ensures perfect, uniform illumination of the work areas. It was realised using recessed light lines from the Liquid Line series from Lightnet.

Architect: Silver Thomas Hanley Architecture

Photogrphy: Paolo Capelli Photography

Applied products

Lighting design elements