Smart planning with AR and VR Lightnet Imagine

Imagine an app that enables you and your customers to test at any time how our luminaires fit in your space. Any model, any size, and the colours that suit your taste. And all without having an actual sample luminaire. Or if you could take your customers on a virtual tour of your project? That's exactly what is possible with our new Lightnet Imagine App for Augmented and Virtual Reality. Simply download the free app to your smartphone or tablet and start your Light Experience.

How do the lights you have imagined fit in the room? So far, this question was a time and labour intensive issue, and without ever knowing how the end product will look like, until after the installation. The Lightnet app changes all that, with its augmented reality function, you can now project the desired luminaire directly into your room to get a realistic sense of how the luminaires will look. How it works? Open the app on your smartphone or tablet, select your luminaire and determine its position in the room. Enter in the height of the luminaire, and you’re done. Your environment will now appear on your screen with the light in the place you have chosen. Now move freely with your device through the room and look at the lamp from any angle. The colour or surface design can be adjusted with one click. How to quickly and easily find the perfect fitting light.

Experience your plans in virtual reality. Plan and develop your project with us and then receive a code from us that you can use to add to your Lightnet App project library. Simply insert your smartphone into our Cardboard or VR glasses and begin the virtual ascent of your Project. Invite your customers to join. And even without VR glasses, you can use the app on your smartphone or tablet to "walk" through the 3D model of your project. This is an excellent presentation tool. In addition to your own planning, our project library offers new and exciting sample projects from which you and your customers can be inspired.