The requirement of the master light source in a room is determined by design and function: surface-mounted luminaires give shape to the architectural design, providing general and accent lighting. At the same time space-saving and efficient, they can be used on ceilings and walls via simple mounting. We offer a wide variety of designs so that they blend harmoniously with the interior design.

Highlights of the collection

Because different interior designs require different visual and functional solutions, Lightnet surface-mounted luminaires are available in numerous variants and sizes: from classic round to modern square shapes. The profile luminaire version offers even more freedom in design.


Versatile and powerful, surface-mounted LED luminaires are suitable for both ceiling and wall mounting. Designs include surface luminaires in square or round shapes, profile luminaires, system luminaires or luminaires with special glare-reduced reflectors. Depending on the style and optical features, surface-mounted luminaires can be used in different ways - whether as a harmonious main light source in the room, suitable for workplaces in the office area or as a decorative light sculpture.

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