Lucille 2.0 Netbox Alta tecnología en forma delicada y estable

LED task light. Direct only light distribution. Microprism optics made of acrylic glass for optimized glare and light control. Highest possible degree of transmission for energy-efficient and uniform illumination. Minimalist lamp head with perfectly homogeneous and diffuse lighting. High-quality pantograph with precision joints made entirely of aluminum. No visible cables, springs or ropes. Surface finish with white, silver, black, red-orange, titanium or copper colours. Intuitive operation via touch panel in the luminaire head. Light level stepless dimmable. High flexibility with working range up to 1 m. Tipping safety even in fully-extended position. Standard colour temperature 2700K, 3000K or 4000K. Binning initial ≤ MacAdam 3. Colour rendering CRI> 80, optional CRI> 90. Combined with high-quality table insert adapter (System: Netbox) for receiving 01 x safety plug, 01 x network cable and 01 x USB cable, optional with wireless charging station for smartphones.