Melbourne, Australia RMIT University

RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, has completed a two-storey simulated hospital ward to train future health professionals in a state-of-the-art hospital environment. The space includes simulated hospital beds, nursing labs, clinical preparations and community and psychiatric areas.

LPA worked closely with Waterman Group to develop a lighting solution that would meet the needs of an educational facility while also addressing healthcare requirements.

Our Matric F3 LED recessed luminaires with perimeter were installed in the corridor areas of the ward. They provide directional lighting and blend seamlessly with the futuristic design of the building. They were fitted with a microprismatic diffuser to control glare throughout the space. The result is a balanced lighting solution that is visually compelling and meets healthcare and education standards.

Light planning: LPA Lighting & Energy Solution

Photos: Vincent Chrisp

Applied products

Lighting design elements