Matric 55mm Recessed Frameless L3 Modular lines of light

Recessed LED luminaire for installation in ceilings with concealed trunking and acoustic ceilings. Direct only light distribution. Light channel made of aluminium profile with 55mm light track width. Lengths can be manufactured to millimetre accuracy according to specifications. Natural anodised surface. Microprismatic optic and satin louver with optimised glare limitation especially for office applications. Opal diffuser of satinised acrylic glass for general lighting. Converter integrated in luminaire housing, optionally single switchable or infinitely dimmable (1-10V, DALI, Touch-Dim, Casambi). Colour temperatures 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K or 6500K. Binning initial ≤ MacAdam 3. Colour rendering CRI>80 or CRI>90. Extensive accessories for ceilings from Ecophon and Rockfon, mounting sets to be ordered separately.


Customize your product
  • Alternative colour temperatures

    Alternative colour temperatures

  • LEDs with higher CRI

    LEDs with higher CRI

  • Emergency module with 3 hour battery

    Emergency module with 3 hour battery

  • Multisensor for daylight and presence control

    Multisensor for daylight and presence control

  • Midpin-Single Spotlight

    Midpin-Single Spotlight

  • Midpoint-Single Spotlight

    Midpoint-Single Spotlight

  • 3-Phase Track

    3-Phase Track


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