Suhrkamp Berlin, Germany

In autumn 2019 Suhrkamp Verlag opened its new publishing building for its 130 employees at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Berlin-Mitte.

The facade of the new Suhrkamp building is characterised by glass and concrete. In the interior of the office complex, between eighty and one hundred thousand books are spread over five kilometres of shelving, which run through all six floors of the building and along the internal staircase. The shelves are not only decoration, they also function as room dividers arranged in a variety of ways. They contain copies of the publisher's various series: Suhrkamp paperbacks, first editions of hardcover fiction or editions of the Insel and the J├╝discher Verlag. And between the many books you will find places where you can read and write with concentration or talk to colleagues or guests in an inspired way.

The lighting concept is perfectly matched to the interior design of the new publishing house. It is supported by free-standing luminaires from the Basic series and recessed light lines from the Matric series from Lightnet.

Project partner

Architecture: Bundschuh Architekten

Products used

Components of this lighting design.