Covestro Deutschland AG Berlin, Germany

The "Liaison Office" of Covestro Deutschland AG was opened in Berlin in May 2018. The new office of the manufacturer of high-tech plastics, polyurethanes, polycarbonates and polymers is intended to bring the company into contact with important interest groups and promote social and political dialogue. Thus, the "Liaison Office" provides an adequate setting for discreet conversations in pairs or in small groups, but also for larger events.
What is special about the architecture: Covestro's corporate identity can be experienced from every corner of the open office. In order to achieve this, a design concept was developed that was coordinated with the brand and which, in addition to the furniture, also includes a room-designing column element for exhibit presentation and lighting. Thanks to its unique flexibility, Lightnet's modular Liquid Line 3D series meets all the requirements of a customised lighting concept and perfectly sets the scene for the "Liaison Office".

Project Management: designfunktion Rheinland GmbH, Head of Planning: Tobias Pagel
Photography: akim photografie Achim Hehn

Project partner

Project management: designfunktion Rheinland GmbH, planning management: Tobias Pagel
Photography: AKIM photography Achim Hehn

Products used

Components of this lighting design.