Ideal office lighting is a basic requirement for employee comfort and well-being. Optimally glare-free light is easy on the eyes, especially when working on the computer, and enables fatigue-free work. Our floor luminaires also consider sustainability and efficiency. Presence sensors dim or deactivate luminaires and provide sophisticated distribution of direct and indirect light.

Highlights of the 2022 collection

Whether a room-wide or completely focused illumination: floor luminaires are decisive for the modern workplace. Our range features striking highlights, such as the Grand Lucille S9 Floor, to classic, understated lighting from Caleo Neo.

Versatile conciseness Grand Lucille S9 Floor

Filigree meets statement. In design, the new Grand Lucille S9 Floor describes familiar lightness with the effect of a concise floor luminaire. In keeping with the entire series, the luminaires are timelessly elegant and enhance the interior design in any room.

Caleo Neo Minimalist classic office lighting

Filigree height with fine details, available in selected colors. The new Caleo Neo S2 and Caleo Neo S4 Floor completes the design idea of the whole series. It features an uncompromising cubic design and is conceived for minimalist staging.


For furnishing meeting rooms, offices, reception rooms, our floor luminaires offer a wide range of possibilities. They always create the right lighting in the office, support efficient work and provide a modern ambience.

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